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Sustainability Mission
Provide tourism services aimed at the individual, group and corporate travelers, promoting sustainable tourism and improvements in the communities where we operate through responsible and ethical management towards the environment, ecosystems, and the historical and cultural heritage where we develop.

Sustainability Policy
At Aventuras 2000 we are committed to offering sustainable and continuously improved tourism services that manage our social, cultural, economic and environmental impacts, satisfying our customers and complying with the legal regulations and requirements established by Travelife. To ensure compliance, we have established the following Tourism Sustainability Objectives:

  • Promote respect for human rights in relationships with our employees, customers, suppliers, allies, and others who are related to the company.
  • To promote a healthy and safe work environment for our collaborators, and to improve their skills in terms of tourism sustainability.
  • Manage our environmental impacts related to the reduction of energy consumption, waste management, vehicle emissions, and protection of the flora and fauna of our activities.
  • Generate positive direct and indirect economic impacts in the communities with which we interact.
  • Promote the environmental, cultural and historical conservation of the communities with which we interact, raising awareness about their sustainability to our clients, collaborators, and suppliers.

Articles and Reports:

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Through the following form, the company enables questions and comments related to sustainability on the part of clients or other interested parties.