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Live an Adventure on the Panamanian Rainforest

Panama is home to one of the most studied forests in the world. However, science is not exactly what motivates you to visit the Panamanian rainforest but its beautiful (and accessible) biodiversity.

Panama is a country of contrasts where it is difficult to cross a line between ecological and cultural tourism since just a few minutes from Panama City there is a lush green ecosystem that shelters a wide variety of plant and animal species, as well as of also being home for entire indigenous communities.


Make the most of your visit to Panama and get to know their protected areas with easier access. Read on to know WHERE TO GO and WHAT TO DO.

Tourist offering a piece of banana to a capuchin monkey in the Eco Canal Tour.


For those who love nature and are adventurous at heart, knowing the Soberania National Park is practically a must when you are visiting the Panamanian capital.


And while the park is about 30 minutes away from the city, when you arrive it will feel as if you were immersed in a new world, full of exotic animal life and several tourist sites of the country such as the Summit Zoo, El Charco Trail or the Pipeline Road.

On the Gamboa Day Tour, you can visit the Observation Tower and have an excellent 360° view of the Soberania National Park, the Panama Canal, and the Chagres River.


The park is in one of the many areas that used to be part of the Panama Canal Zone. That is the reason why its tourist attractions are not only so biodiversity-rich but also have historical and cultural meaning inside them.


Some of the best stories are those told by the people on the Emberá Querá indigenous community, who proudly share their customs and traditions with tourists.

Tourists are dancing with the Emberá Querá community.

Fun Fact: One of the oldest and most active tropical biology research stations in the world is on Barro Colorado, an island within the Panama Canal.



Also, the Metropolitan Natural Park is another ideal tourist destination for ecological tourism and is the only natural park in all of Central America that is INSIDE the metropolitan area, just 15 minutes from the center of the city's commercial activity.


Its 232 hectares have a large number of animals, more specifically they have registered: 227 species of birds, 45 mammals, 36 kinds of snakes and 14 kinds of amphibians. You can spot some of these while walking the park's trails, which have different difficulty levels.

You can see beautiful views of the city in the Metropolitan Park and Ancon Hill tour.


Can you say that you have been in Panama if you have not done eco-tourism in its rainforest?