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Our Journey Towards the Travelife Certification

In Aventuras 2000 we are committed to joining the global fight to make tourism a 100% sustainable activity.

At the beginning of April, we had a visit by Mrs. Yutzel Mendoza, professional in charge of Bliss Earth Recycling Panama, who spoke with us about the importance of small gestures and daily actions to take care of our environment.


In the presentation, we learned some basic principles about recycling such as the correct way to separate waste, something that is a key point in the collection of recyclable materials.

Ms. Mendoza explained the importance of cleaning, drying and separating different materials that can be recycled.


What is the Travelife Certification?

The waste management program that we are following in our workplace is one of the many initiatives we are adopting to achieve the Travelife Sustainability Certification.


Travelife is a company dedicated to the promotion of sustainable practices in the tourism sector, providing training and advice on the implementation of tools that help its members improve their social, environmental and economic impacts. And its sustainability certification is accredited by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) endorsed by the UN, and also complies with the ISO 26000 Corporate Social Responsibility Standard.


To obtain the sustainability certification is necessary to review and further improve all aspects of business management; including activities in the office, chain of suppliers, relationship with destinations and communication with the client.

Travelife has been committed for more than 12 years to set in motion sustainable development practices in tourism companies all around the world.


We are proudly Travelife’s Partners


The Travelife Certification Program consists of three phases of execution as Travelife Engaged, Travelife Partner and Travelife Certified.


Currently, we have the Travelife Partner status which is the state where we are joining our efforts to adopt good practices of tourism sustainability and corporate social responsibility.


Being Aventuras 2000 the largest DMC tour operator in Panama, with more than 20 years in the market and more than 4 million tours sold; we accept the responsibility of joining the global struggle to make tourism a 100% sustainable activity.


With this certification, our goals are to achieve greater business efficiency, provide a better experience for our customers, add more economic value to local communities or destinations where we work and improve the Panamanian tourist image at an international level.


We also recommend reading Tourism and the Sustainable Development Goals, by the World Tourism Organization.

A photo of our team after the presentation of Bliss Earth Recycling Panama.


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