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The Three Hours of Costa Rica

The THREE HOURS OF COSTA RICA is an automobile race organized by the Costa Rica Touring Car Championship (CTCC) and this year it will run the next April 27 on the track of Parque Viva.

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According to an official statement, the organization of the CTCC will limit the cars participating in the first race of the year to a total of 22 pilots.


Among the confirmed participants to date is the outstanding Panamanian driver Solomon 'Solly' Betesh, who drives an Audi R8 LMS Ultra Red better known as Forever Faster (


'Solly' Betesh and his car have made history in Panamanian motorsports ( In his career, he has recorded 39 first places, 30 "poles positions" and four times national champion of the Gran Turismo category (GTS).

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- Armando Calderón