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Panama Canal in 3D: A Land Divided, A World United

Through the magic of the IMAX 3D cameras, you can have an extraordinary trip through one of the seven wonders of the world: The Panama Canal.

The IMAX 3D Theater is next to the Miraflores Visitor Center.


That's right! The IMAX experience is here to impact Panama!

On February 27th, we experienced the inauguration of the new IMAX 3D theater at Miraflores Visitor Center, where the documentary "Panama Canal: A Land Divided, A World United" is screened.


This documentary was produced by Gordon Bijelonic (Laggies, Kid Cannabis) who spent 7 years working in this project as he describes to the local newspaper La Estrella de Panama:

“Finally, after 7 years of giving my heart and soul to this project, I can share it with the world. I hope it touches everyone in the same way that it has touched the Panamanians who already have had the opportunity to watch the film.” - Gordon Bijelonic.

Those attending the opening could not contain their excitement about trying the IMAX 3D experience.


An amazing journey in 3D

The 45-minute film reveals not only the great importance of the Panama Canal to the world but also immerses its viewers into the internal operations that make this giant of modern engineering work, inside its locks and into the boarding of the huge ships that navigate through it daily.


The viewers live a unique experience, where you feel that you are discovering the Panama Canal from another perspective.


You will find out more about the rich history of the waterway since the colonial times, the beginning of the construction of the canal by the French and the moment Americans engineers took the baton to finish up this wonder of modern architecture.


The film also has beautiful aerial views of the Canal Zone, the transatlantic railroad and other landmarks of the Panamanian isthmus that, thanks to the stunning image quality of the IMAX 3D cameras, you will be able to see and feel as if you were inside the screen.

The IMAX Theater of the Panama Canal has the second largest screen in the world measuring 15 meters high by 70 wide and with a capacity of 525 seats.


A world-class narrative

Universally known as one of the best voices of all time, the narration of this documentary was in charge of Academy Award Winner Morgan Freeman, who also visited the country to go to the grand opening of the IMAX Theater at the Panama Canal.


The producer of the film said to the newspaper La Prensa that actually it was a demand of the Hollywood actor:

“Mr. Freeman did not want to see the movie on a phone, he wanted to see it in this establishment. If we made an IMAX 3D movie, you can not see it outside of a theater like this, so he wanted to wait until he came to Panama to watch the movie.” - Gordon Bijelonic.

The actor Morgan Freeman and producer Gordon Bijelonic were at the official opening of the IMAX Canal de Panamá Theater.


Come and live the Panama Canal IMAX experience

The movie shows every day of the week, with a display every hour from 9:00 AM until 04:00 PM.


The prices of the tickets are $ 15 for locals and $ 20 for tourists.

You can purchase them directly at the box office of the Panama Canal IMAX Theater, and they include the entry and popcorn combo plus soda.


Still not convinced?

Check out the trailer below and go live the experience!

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