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A Spectacular Adventure Day at Colon [+ PHOTOS]

What would be a perfect tour to do in Panama? Is there one that included a day full of fun and entertainment?

Don’t you worry, you don’t need to imagine it because there is an option for you near the capital city.

And at a very good price!

Keep reading to find out.


What first comes to mind when you think of Colón?


Colón is known for many things like its history full of stories about pirates and colonial forts, its cruise port, for its Duty-Free Zone or for its delicious local cuisine with heavy Afro-Antillean influence, among many other outstanding characteristics.


However, there are few people who, when they hear about the Province of Colón and think about its tourism, recognize the natural riches it hides, specifically those found in the San Lorenzo Protected Area. And it is precisely there where you can live an exciting adventure with your friends and family.



What awaits you in the protected area of San Lorenzo


The protected area is 12,000 hectares long and represents 2.6% of the territory of the Province of Colón. This area has a great diversity of animal and plant species, and it also has the iconic and very historic Chagres River.


Some landmarks for the area are Fort San Lorenzo, the former US military base at Fort Sherman and the historic Meliá Panama Canal hotel. In this last one, you can enjoy an entertaining tourist tour called Gatún Day Pass.


The tour starts at 11 A.M. in the hotel lobby, here you will make a tour through the facility and get to know the captivating history of its construction, first serving as a hospital for the Panama Canal workers during the construction of the waterway. Later, with the arrival of the Cold War, it became the so-called Fort Gulick and finally was named the School of the Americas.


Make sure you enjoy lunch (included in the tour) and have your energy recharged to have a good time during the whole adventure you will experience after lunch.

You will spend a spectacular day at the Meliá Panama Canal Hotel, where you will not only enjoy its facilities and amenities but also that on its dock you will take a catamaran to embark on an excursion through Lake Gatún.

Besides the driver, in the catamaran, you will also be accompanied by one of our expert tour guides, who will tell you fun facts about Panama's history, and flora, and fauna around you.

Once on the catamaran, you will go to a charming Emberá indigenous community called Nepono Puru. There the inhabitants will welcome you with the desire to share your culture with you.

They will tell you about their history and ways of life, as well as teaching you a couple of words in their dialect. You will also have the opportunity to see their dances and dance with them. You will get to know their homes, buy their handicrafts, and get a temporary tattoo.

You will say goodbye to the beautiful community, but you do not need to worry because the tour doesn't end yet. 


You will take the catamaran again, this time to explore Lake Gatún which is home of several animal species like toucans, howler monkeys, and crocodiles. All of them live in an environment full of beautiful views that can take your breath away.

Please, keep in mind that while in the Gatun Lake you are in a protected area and this is not a zoo. All the animals that live in it are free, so you could spot a pair or maybe not.


It's all a matter of luck, and of staying attentive!

While the expedition ends at the Meliá Panama Canal dock, you can continue to enjoy the facilities and amenities of the hotel.


Would you like to kayaking or relax in the pool? Or maybe you'd like to take a walk on the hotel's trails? 


It doesn't matter what you decide, you have until 06:30 P.M. to enjoy.

The Gatún Day Pass is our new touristic product

As you read before, the Gatún Day Pass is an amazing tour for you to immerse yourself inside the beauty and stories hidden in the Colon Province.


You can visit one of Colon most emblematic hotels, the Meliá Hotel Panama Canal, where you will have a historical tour of the property and enjoy its excellent amenities such as its refreshing swimming pool and kayaking at Gatun Lake (subject to availability).


Then, you will also take an ecological and cultural tour through the Gatun Lake searching for the exotic flora and fauna of the tropical rainforest such as birds, monkeys, sloths, crocodiles, and alligators, among others.


And you will visit an authentic Emberá indigenous community. Its people will welcome you with open arms, ready to tell you about their history, language, and culture. Observe their dances, homes, and ways of life, and you can acquire their original crafts or get a temporary tattoo.

The Gatún Day Pass is the first tour of all that we will offer within our new touristic product: the Panama Wonders Day Pass.


The tour costs $ 60 per person and is available every Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday. Currently, it does NOT include transportation from Panama City, but we can provide it upon the previous quotation.


If you want to organize a group or have any questions, please contact us.


for reservations from Panama City:

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And for reservations from Colón you can write to melia@colon2000.com


Don't wait any longer, and come and visit Panama!

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