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PIANC18 - Modern Panama City & Colonial City Tour

Departure: May 8 (Tuesday) - 

Visit the ruins of Old Panama, destroyed by the pirate Henry Morgan in the year 1671. Continue to the Old Town and visit the Metropolitan Cathedral, the National Theatre, Plaza Simon Bolivar where you can appreciate the colonial art of the ancient city, in both Old Panama and the Old Town , where you will have the opportunity to make purchases of souvenirs. Finally, visit the causeway where you can enjoy beautiful views offered by the Pacific Ocean. Here you can see the ships waiting permission for transit through the Panama Canal and the fabulous Bridge of the Americas, while the other side you can see the impressive skyline and modern city of Panama showing us her beautiful buildings and everything that combines this unique and amazing city.


  • Transport
  • Guide

  • Bottle of water & Snack

Duration: 4 hours


  1. Panama City