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About Panama

General Information


Official Name



Panama City

Country Extension

75,517 km2 or 2,839,177 miles2

National Bird

Arpia Hawk

National Flower

Cattleya skinneri (Orquídea) – Sant Spirit Flower

Highest Volcano

Barú Volcano

Political Division

9 provinces and 7 areas


Constitutional democratic republic

Panama is located in the American Continent, with the following borderlines:

To the North, Caribbean Sea - To the South, Pacific Ocean - To the East, Colombia - To the West, Costa Rica.

Panama has an area of 75,517 square kilometers (29,340 square miles), with population of 3,500,000 persons; the official language is Spanish although English is highly spoken; the Legal Currency is the US Dollar and the Balboa, GMT5 Hours, East Coast, USA.