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Visit Panama!, According to Vogue magazine, one of the most desired destinations for travelers in 2018.

Where to Travel in 2018, According to the Experts “Panama will continue to top travelers’ wish lists in 2018—and with tons of direct flights from JFK and LAX on Copa, it’s never been easier to go. The perfect itinerary would start in Panama City at one of the beautiful new hotels opening in 2018 such as Santa Maria, a Luxury Collection Resort. After some urban exploration, finish your trip with some R&R at Islas Secas, a tiny cluster of private island eco-lodges off Panama’s unspoiled Pacific coast.”

Todd Plummer, contributor, Vogue.com


Vogue: 5 Reasons to Visit Panama Now

  • The boutique hotels in Panama City’s colonial neighborhood are a design-lover’s dream
  • Panama City’s culinary scene is on the rise.
  • Take a day sail past the Panama Canal to a small island oasis.
  • You can learn the art of coffee making at a mountain retreat.
  • Island-hopping escapades are just a short jaunt away.



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General Information

Official Name: Panama

Capital: Panama City

Country Extension: 75,517 km2 or 2,839,177 miles2

National Bird: Arpia Hawk

National Flower: Cattleya skinneri (Orquídea) Sant Spirit Flower

Highest Volcano: Barú Volcano

Political Division: 9 provinces and 7 areas

Government: Constitutional democratic republic

Panama is located in the American Continent, with the following borderlines: To the North, Caribbean Sea - To the South, Pacific Ocean - To the East, Colombia - To the West, Costa Rica. Panama has an area of 75,517 square kilometers (29,340 square miles), with population of 3,500,000 persons; the official language is Spanish although English is highly spoken; the Legal Currency is the US Dollar and the Balboa, GMT5 Hours, East Coast, USA.

Country Details


The best thing about the weather in Panama is that it is always warm through the year. You will enjoy daily highs of up to 28 -32. Those looking for cooler climate can find it in the valleys in Chiriquí, Cerro Punta and El Valle with daily high at 22-24 and cool fresh nights. Panama has two seasons the dry season from December to end of April, and the wet season, from May till November.


National currency of Panama is Balboa, but nowadays US Dollars are used all over the country.


According to census of 2010 the population is 3.322.576 of habitants.


Panamanians speak Spanish, this is an official language of Panama. Also there are used indigenous languages such as al ngobe buglé, kuna, emberá. 14% of population speaks English.

Things to bring on your trip

  • Passport Copy
  • Insect and Mosquito repellent
  • A small backpack or travel bag for the activities of half or full day
  • Sandals
  • Waterproof (umbrella, coat, and shoes)
  • Camera, batteries and extra memory card
  • Regarding the clothing, Panama is an informal and casual city
  • Jeans and comfortable shoes to move from side to side.
  • The areas of the mountainous region may be a little cold, so we recommend using a sweater or light jacket.
  • For the lowlands, are essential fresh light shirts and pants (the weather is warm, humid and very sunny)
  • If you go to the beach, need full bathing suit including hat
  • Hiking shoes or tennis
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses